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About John



Garden Design

Registered Celebrant

Interfaith Pastoral Care Ministry

I still create gardens, and after many years of specialising as a playground designer, I now focus on sanctuary and the qualities of the Theraputic gardens. I have the ability to Co-ordinate and manage small projects - whether a small planting job, or some creative additions to your existing landscape that will uplift and bring more pleasure. I love to introduce plants that represent the seasons. We are blessed to have distinct seasons in Christchurch.

My ancestors travelled to New Zealand from France and England in the 1850's and landed in the harbour of Ohinehou which is now also called Lyttelton and this is where I have made my own home after many years of journeying. 


My parents and grandparents are gardeners and carpenters and as a child I too learned to grow food and flowers and appreciate the beauty of nature, recognising its fundamental value to our survival on earth. In these early years I found sanctuary in the golden fields of my family land amongst the colour and fragrance of my own small garden, forming a strong and rich affinity with the natural potent energies of the earth. In my twenties I developed as an Artist, attending courses in sculpture and painting, photography and printmaking - finding deep satisfaction in using creative energy to transform environments.


During this time I operated a garden maintenance business and began to landscape with an Artist's eye. In my thirties I trained as an early childhood teacher and educator using art and the landscape as a teaching medium. Later I continued this work with special needs children and adults. I also worked as a tutor at teachers college, inspiring students with the dynamic resource of the natural world, and the ability for this to be the third teacher in the playground.


I developed into a playground designer and specialised in this field for 25 years working in diverse communities all over New Zealand. One of the core values of this work was to reconnect the children with the earth. As my passion began to wane for this work, due to growing older and not wanting the stress of managing large projects, I passed my knowledge to Rob Strodach and Ema Woods who continued this work in the world. Over the past 10 years I have trained as a celebrant and an Interfaith Minister.


I love ritual and ceremony and the ancient rites that we can experience as community. I am drawn to working with the dying and have a vision developing a Pastoral Care Centre in Lyttelton. I support this ministry by working as a garden designer and the creation of gardens.


My passion is to facilitate more beauty, energetic balance, and a deeper connection to the land so that whoever I am with, will in time, benefit from the qualities that their garden can offer. I believe the more love we put into our environment the more that we will recieve back. As a guardian of the earth, I experience a deep respect for our planet - for all its potential hidden mystery, and profound patience.


My philosophy is to work organically, be resourceful, employ local artists and craftspeople, support other small companies, and nurture and care for our earth...manifesting ...paradise .

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