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From Consultation through to Design and Maintenance

Starts from $60/hr

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We begin with a telephone call and arrange a meeting in your garden. I listen to what your needs are, and then determine what the next step is.


The consultation process is just the beginning of a journey. Consultation is the conversation we have that allows me to understand what you are dreaming and envisioning for your garden. This may mean a transition between the house and garden by a deck or steps, or, a canopy that creates shelter, or, simply adding to the existing planting that may require a boost.


Perhaps a new pathway is in order, or, an entire make over. Our conversation is not limited to an hour.


The most important thing for me is to make a good start and trust that it will all unfold. I work with any budget and any situation and draw on the knowledge of 30 years of being a landscaper - and a life time of being a passionate gardener.

Location & Contact Details

Tel: 021-365-966


Location: Customer's Location

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