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Garden Maintenance

Your garden is a living breathing system

Starts from $45

natural coastal garden design with grasses and shrubs

Once a garden has been manifested then we need to take care of the eco system. The first three years of a newly planted garden is very important as it provides the foundation for the long term. During this time, larger plants and trees require encouragement to grow and their structure needs guidance - especially fruit trees where they develop the framework for the future.


The garden may also need some tweaking of extra material which follows a natural process of a garden evolving. Perhaps the addition of food and mulch, more or less water, or an alternative plant replacement.

Plants are the essence of the garden. They provide colour, fragrance, texture and form, medicine and food. Deeply enriching the earth with organic compost, mulching the top layer and installing a water system creating a healthy, well balanced environment for you to enjoy.


Let's remember the birds that will come to your garden. Can we attract more, perhaps add a bird feeder, a small bowl of water, and thinking about our international decline of the bee population. Having a bee hive in your garden is another whole world to experience.


The more love you give your garden, the more you will receive.

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