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Landscape Design

There are infinite possibilities for any garden

Starts from $60/hr


All gardens can be transformed into a place of beauty and tranquility, a sanctuary for you to rest in and play in, a place to inspire and connect you with the magic of your piece of paradise on earth.

Garden Seats

Essential furniture in the garden. They provide a place to rest after a busy day or to contemplate the depth of stillness in the water, and they can give a focus at the end of a pathway.


Seats can be made of a wide variety of natural materials such as a smooth river boulder or a large slab of timber on to which you can stretch your whole body.

Pergolas, Shelters, Entranceways and Gateways


These structures help to form the framework of your garden. They provide a place to walk through, to divide the various rooms in the garden; a place to shelter in and over which to grow a favourite rose.

Sculptural Work

How does your environment best express who you are?

What are the elements that nourish and excite you?

Do you enjoy wild lush plant life or the strength of rock and stone and serenity of water?

Do you need a place to nestle into for an afternoon sleep or an exquisite Mosaic Terrace on which to entertain or party?

Is there a symbol or something of significance that can be set on top of a post that can become a totem guardian of your garden?

Totems can be powerful protectors or simply a whimsical delight.


Sculptural work is often about putting the Yang energy in the garden - the upright male energy to balance all the Yin female energy - the flowing curves that melt pathways into ponds.


Maybe you have a piece of sculpture that you wish to make a resting place for.


Does it need to sit by a pond or in a bed of bright fragrant flowers?

Ponds and Water Features

Water brings the natural balance into your garden - How to contain it? A pond with a compliment of plants can be set up without a pump by simply flooding the eco system every week, or by adding a pump, the sound of water can be soothing; remind you of far away places and bring movement into the landscape while also attracting birds and insects, creating a landscape full of life.


Whatever your dream we can work together to make it happen.


Landscape Concepts and Plans

These are valuable documents. They become the visual blue print to work with as the garden develops. I create simple hand drawn plans that start with a scale base plan on which pencil lines are drawn of the ideas that we are discussing. This evolves into the inked version that can be printed and laminated. Planting plans can be developed from the concept plan. These plans are priced to suit your budget.

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