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The Season of Winter

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

Winter, traditionally was a time of hibernation, a time to gather around the fire and tell stories.

eatable mushroom situated in the vegetable garden
Mushroom is a great winter vegetable

When the sap descends deep into the earth, the bare branches of trees cast shadows against stormy skies, our human contact with the the garden can become limited. We take shelter within. As each year passes I aspire to become more attuned to the natural rhythms of our earth. In this season of winter 2020, we entered through the gateway of a pandemic accompanied with the deliciously slow Autumn which its majestic days of blue sky days and the reds and oranges of the leaves seemed such a balm for what was happening in our world and the fears of the unknown.

Winter, traditionally was a time of hibernation, a time to gather around the fire and tell stories; a time to rest between the seasons of cultivation and harvest. How can we reclaim some of this in a consumer driven, over stimulated culture?

There are many plants that can provide some joy through our dormant and cold months. The Perennial Wallflower with its fragrant lilac flowers, the subtle scents of Cyclamen in shades of red and white and pink, the Winter Sweet, one of our old world shrubs, flowering on bare wood, the Himalayan Daphne [Bholua] and Winter Roses [Helebore] and in our garden we have a Tamarillo Tree with red and orange fruits suspended beneath fleshy leaves. The Crab Apple can be an abundant provider of fruits for the birds as well as flash of scarlet in the winter landscape.

We may discover the kingdom of Fungi, a fascinating range with medicinal and edible properties, though being sensible with getting properly identified before consuming!

The English Snow Drops have emerged, magically miniature plants likes pearls, pushing up through the bare earth, their time to shine in the Annual dance of the flowers.

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