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Welcome to Elementals

Let yourself dream of what your paradise would look, feel and smell like; a place that will stimulate, nourish and support your soul

My philosophy is to work sensitively with natural elements to bring more beauty to the earth.

I craft the elements of rock, stone, wood, iron, water and fire, manipulating and soothing these elements into the vision that we create together.

I consult and work with you to create landscape plans, then manage the project to bring your dream into reality.

Id be happy to meet you to have a conversation about your garden.


The scale of this garden with its background of huge open spaces of sea and sky was integrated by the essence of bold and strong structure in the overall design visioning.


This project began in 2017. There was a small grass lawn, an existing mature Hoheria tree and some neighbouring Olives protuding over the fenceline...




- Lotus Hartley -

It has been our pleasure and honour to have John Allen help us create wonderful new areas to enjoy in our garden. He has loads of valuable experience which flows naturally through him and, combined with his intuition, he easily senses what will work when he brings forth a new vision into an existing space. The end result often looks like something that had always been there, working with the shapes and forms of the land.
He has a strong respect for the natural forms of plants and encourages the freedom for the plant to express itself - and when this is mixed with his appreciation of beauty, the garden reflects this happiness and is so clearly seen and felt - like you’ve walked into a magical wee world where the plants are all very happy to be there doing their thing - and you can appreciate the experience, hang about and interact with the cool plants!
John is a rare gem, filled to the brim with knowledge, respect and passion for what he does, is very organised and calm in his approach and has great technique and delivery - he always finishes things beautifully and fulfils the vision.

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